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About Us

At Camp Clothesline, we help you purchase and fulfill all of your camp requirements without being hung out to dry by high priced items which get barely used before your child grows out of his/her clothing.

Our campers grow so fast and the life of their high priced camp clothing is so short lived, it makes good sense to re-use and re-cycle slightly pre-owned camp garments and accessories. Our children share all of their great camp experiences and memories, so it just seems right that they share their camp clothing as well.

Whether you are a first time camp parent or a veteran of many camp seasons, you will benefit from the founder of Camp Clothesline’s extensive background as a garment industry executive and highly experienced camp mom of three children.

Join the growing number of forward thinking camp parents who are already a part of the Camp Clothesline family. As a member of the Camp Clothesline’s community you are contributing to the “green” movement to help preserve our earth’s precious resources.